With an excellent knowledge of the structure of the human body and a great command of color and light. Mason paints meticulous and complex portraits that range from realistic to the stylized luminous studies of everyday subjects and interiors. Mason captures his subject's total being, painting both their physical characteristics and the aura of emotions bleeding from the surroundings of his subject's environment. By subtracting symbols and objects typically used to balance compositions, Mason builds compositions purely on mood. " I expose, absorb then release in every aspect of my life. You can't question the process or it will disappear. What a waste of organic genius. That you could have claimed for yourself." Mason recreates these emotive paintings by layering light, infusing colors upon thick dark pigments , then delicately painting the flowing matter of silky skins. His hot and cool backgrounds are carefully blended clouds of pigment, which either softly flow into each or are forced apart by hard aggresive lines. Mason's style and technique draw the viewer into the canvas from a distance, hovering them in time and emotion.